When it comes to drywalls, certain preparations must be made before painting. Get more useful and friendly tips on this page.

Welcome to a page offering a variety of tips on drywall and related topics. Read each one and apply it accurately to get the best possible end result.

Remove oil paint on wood siding before repainting

Unfortunately, oil paint dries as time passes and starts to peel off. That is why if you decide to repaint wood siding, you will have to plan its removal first. Usually, stripping chemicals work best, but the type and condition of the wood have to be considered beforehand.

Eggshell paint is a fine choice for finish painting due to its universal appeal

Also known as satin finish, this type of paint has minimal amount of gloss, but really helps to brighten the room. In addition to looking beautiful and inviting, the finish is also very easy to clean. You just need to wipe the walls with wet rag every once in a while.

Figuring cost of drywall

You need to have the right measurement so make sure you have a measuring tape and calculator. Before buying the materials, study the local building codes that you have to follow to pass future inspection. Check the prices of different types of drywalls and choose the type that suits your needs.

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